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Is the Syrian War About to End? Road to Peace in the Old Conflict
900,000 Rohingya Refugees: The Moment When Humanitarian Spirit Failed What does future hold for Idlib?
Powerful voices... Mosul’s Salvation Lies With the Spirit of Brotherhood and Stratfor’s Attempt in Distorting History
Who is the real beneficiary of US sanctions? The Jewish Holocaust
The mysterious meetings of Prinkipo and the dynamics of the color revolutions The Rohingya are awaiting our help now
Refugees and Turkey on the Sixth Anniversary of Syrian War The Ramifications of the Post-9-11 "War on Terror"
Alliances In The Middle East Will End Divisive Policies Let our voice be heard, now
Medical care: a basic human right for all Women; more than just statistics
A letter to humanity The worst global cholera outbreak: Yemen
Lessons in leadership Charlottesville Is a Reminder of What Racism Brings
Three religions can co-exist peacefully again Treating others the way you want to be treated
Our Prophet (saas)’s world heritage letters “One step forward, two steps back” strategy is back!
Another Method Of Indoctrination: THE “HIDEOUS ART” Why the BDS mentality cannot provide a solution for peace
When will the Downward Spiral of Society End? God’s Sublime Artistry Prevails in All Things
True alliances begin with friendship Christianity, Islam and Judaism: They Can Peacefully Co-exist
A crucial visit to Turkey Africa blinded by illusory fiscal aid
Is The World's Resources Not Enough for Everyone? The USA has only one choice to win the war in Afghanistan
Rock Stars and Suicides The perception operations of the mainstream media and the facts
United, Malaysia And Turkey Stand Strong Is Qatar crisis an opportunity for more productive alliances?
Iraq is in Danger of Facing a New Crisis How much of a threat are cyber-attacks?
Strong Resistance to the Theory of Evolution in School Curriculums The unspoken Mideast refugees: Jews
Being just at all costs Qatar Crisis And Muslims’ Responsibility
Erdogan ushers in a new era for Turkey Will the Trend of Rock Star Suicides End Soon?
Insolubility is now a Tradition in Cyprus Talks Islam and the Trap of Bigotry
Why not make Africa a new Europe? The winners and losers in the destruction of the Gulf