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Trump reviving the American dream The key to peace, order and justice in the world
The Ruler of Rulers, Sultan Abdulaziz, May He Rest in Peace An anticipated twist in the RNA world theory: it now proves creation
Mr. Adnan Oktar gave an interview for the Dutch newspaper Het Parool Indifference towards refugees
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Why did the Americans elect Trump? Invasion plan like the 20th century
The culture of self-indulgence The knot can be untied only through moral values
Unbreakable Bonds Five Eyes, One Brain... The Spy Alliance is watching you
UNESCO's political decision and the Temple Mount Hidden agenda behind Mosul op
We need an ‘energetic’ push for global peace The good and the bad: Whose side are you on?
Redrawing Maps: Is Saudi Arabia next in line? Muslim Oppression of Christians Can Never Be Validated
Let Davos Man listen to the voice of his conscience The Quran protects rights, freedoms
Is The Cure For Cancer Hidden In A Sea Creature? Turkey: A second home for Syrians
Understanding Zionism: What It Is and What It Isn't Turkey, Russia will gain from Canal Istanbul
War is never justified Let us make a better world through football
Turkey sees ‘manipulation’ in credit-rating downgrade Alternative power centers running the World
Our Expectations from the Future President of the USA Plots against Turkey doomed to failure
Turkey-Russia Rapprochement Don’t accept losing your humanity
Murder, by any other name The big fish does not necessarily eat the little fish
An urgent plea on behalf of the children of Syria An oppressive model of secularism unsustainable
Darwinism disproved once again 10,000 children are missing and the world just looks away