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Taking lessons from the past It will work for love
Watch out for provocations against Russia Self-interest sinks hopes for peace
New Scientist and BBC News’ Lies about Birth with Cesarean Section Sine qua nons of the Cyprus conference
Turkey will not be defeated by terror Adnan Oktar's message for 'A call for unity' at the Times Square in New York
A Made-up ‘Hominid’ Tale from Science Mag: Denisovans The Darwinist Hoax Will Absolutely Be Defeated
A new hope in Syria Giving right answer to terror
Tales about the beginning of life on The Discovery Science Tv Channel A Response to the "Homosexuality is Genetic" propaganda of the National Geographic
Holy sites should be centers for reconciliation, not conflict Interesting Hearts in the Animal Kingdom
Trapped behind the walls Unite to stop Rohingya persecution
The Moscow summit and the great alliance Response to the "Evolution of Snakes" Claim of Science Magazine
Winning over the millennials Evil legacy of the past: Anti-Semitism
Disposal of Cellular Waste at the Right Place and the Right Time: The Miracle of Autophagy The Trial is Beautiful
The Amazonian Frog's Special Ant-Repellent Chemical Weapon Ambasador Andrey Karlov is now the undying symbol of Turkish-Russian friendship
Rohingyas: victims of ethnic cleansing Muslims and Christians – Hand in Hand for a Better World
Turkey and Russia, 'No, not this time' Attention: British Shiism
Intracellular Molecular Machines That Perform Protein Care and Cleanup BBC News and Darwinism's biggest conundrum: How did life begin?
A commendable grassroots movement to improve Turkey’s economy False Flag Operations
Trump, turning the page in the U.S.-Turkey relationship In Fact, PNAS Proves Creation With Its RNA World Experiment
PLoS ONE Journal Fails to Stand Against the Power of Atheist Propaganda and Darwinist Dictatorship Russia should not miss its chance to be Syria's hero
The United Nations needs reformations The embodiment of perfection
Trump should address Islamophobia Island plots against Turkey are doomed to failure
A death-dealing journey for a better life Navigating Through Life Storms
Is the era of lobbies coming to an end in the US? The Map of the Middle East Was Drawn by the Contemporary 40 Thieves
Who Are the Real Losers of US Elections? During the Time of Abdul Hamid Darwinism and Materialism Spread to Every Corner of the Ottoman Empire: During this period the Ottoman Empire and the Islamic World were Fragmented
Trump reviving the American dream The key to peace, order and justice in the world