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Returning to the unknown Taking The Materialistic Blinders Off
Human development is needed to stop violence against women Greece: Our Old Friend
A meaningful solution to a meaningless war Modern slaves still to shed their shackles
Genocide: Hear the Rohingya Cries International Aid: Good or Bad?
Is the Syrian War Really Over? Why are the claims about genetic drift invalid?
The Big Bang: One of the Proofs of Creation The Millenia Old Stain on the World’s Conscience
Stepping Up Against The Lives Auctioned In Libya Yemen: Atrocities in the 21st century
An Unending Tie Between Iran And Turkey Rightful freedom of women and 21st century
Saving the Innocent An Invisible Hand in the Turkish-American Relations
Conscientious People Wouldn't Pay Heed To Biased Websites Like Wikipedia, But To The Facts Child soldiers' deadly playground
Is Europe on the Verge of a New Era for Far-Right Politics? Doomed to hunger through unlawful warfare strategy, Syria, Yemen starve
It Is Time to Take Action for Northern Iraq Before It Is Too Late Islam and Bigotry: Two Different and Opposite Religions
Nagorno-Karabakh problem should result in strong regional alliance Glass Ceilings, Invisible Obstacles
Hunger in Africa Necessitates Immediate Solutions The Error That Creation Out Of Water Indicates Evolutionary Creation
More People Question Darwinism Worldwide Millions of children used as labour
Turkey’s engagement in Africa is beyond business Disregarding The Dajjal Movement Brings About The Spread Of Evil
Is The Lone Wolf Really Alone? Is far-right politics becoming the new face of Europe?
Mr. Adnan Oktar’s Live Conversation with his guests from the Iranian Mahdi Institute (December 12th, 2009) Harun Yahya Representatives in the 6th international Conference Of Mahdism Doctrine
The 99-Million-Year-Old Hatchling Fossil Ended The Evolution Journey Of Birds The claims about the so-called intermediate form Homo naledi, which are repeated every year, didn't last long this time
Reform UN peacekeeping op Seeing good come in the face of disaster
Boycotts are not the answer What will referendum bring for Kurds?
Transitional Forms Richard Dawkins and the Darwinists Dream of Having The Book Sapiens-A Brief History of Humankind and the Author Yuval Noah Harari’s Evolutionist History Delusion
Upholding the territorial integrity of Syria and Iraq intact Why does Turkey object to the referendum in the Iraq Kurdish region?
Unlocking Africa’s Potential Living For 'Likes': A New Pressure On The Society
Loosening the UN’s neck tie and its impasse Qatar-Turkey friendship has strong historical foundations