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A9 TV Iftar Dinner - Çirağan Palace - May 24, 2018 Unending Ordeal of Children
The Horrific Return Of Racism. Or Was It Always There? Competing in (and for) Good Deeds in Ramadan
Ramadan: Then and now World cocooned by the peace of Ramadan
We must Become Us Instead of Me During Ramadan Science Has Once Again Declared: ‘We Were Created’
Justifying Wars Never Brings Peace Grey propaganda and insidious operations
Promises for the future of women’s rights Ever growing long-standing Turkish-Russian relationship
Six-trillion-dollar grave There Is No 'invisible Hand' In The Economy
The Disinformation And Facts Regarding The Afrin Operation Adnan Oktar interviewed by Pakistan's daily The Rahnuma
Preventable crimes and how to deal with them Turkish traces in India
Adnan Oktar interviewed by Hespress News Agency of Morocco Mr. Tarkan Yavaş, the Chairman of the Board of Technics and Science Research Foundation, responds to the libelous story on Haaretz newspaper regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar and his friends
Look closely, goodness is outdoing negativity Is Europe’s Inclination to Irreligiosity Behind the Attacks Toward the Pious?
Increasing the Number of Prisons Won’t Solve the Crime Problem The expansion of the Universe
Overcoming Obstacles Before Turkish-Greek Alliance Did Cavemen Really Exist?
The rightful struggle of Turkey: The Afrin operation The Rohingya Crisis An International Issue
Helping is always a good idea – Syrian Refugee Crisis Status of women: Today and tomorrow
A fact admitted even by evolutionists: Australopithecus sediba is not an ancestor of man! Religious Sensibility and Spirituality are the Meaningful Solution to Gun Violence
Draw the line on hate crimes Identity politics: Next generation WMD of global exploitation system
Blossoming Egypt-Turkey Trade Signals the Beginning of a New Era Why do African Americans still feel like outsiders in the USA?
Loneliness is a modern epidemic Why the world has become a more dangerous place for children
It is Possible to Minimize Fatalities in Mining Adnan Oktar interviewed by Al-Masry Al-Youm
Replies to claims regarding Mr. Adnan Oktar on the Dutch and Belgian media, made after the distribution of his book 'The PKK's Treachery and Oppression' One step closer to a resolution in Syria
Operation Olive Branch and peace in Syria A Women-Friendly Project in Istanbul
Drones set to soar in all fields A peaceful resolution to the conflict in Syria
The role of propaganda in the Holocaust Double-edged
Evolution fails to deny Creator Agro-ecological Farming: The Solution For a Possible Hunger Crisis